Girls Camp

Children are our future. Nowadays, children watch a lot of TV, play screen games, and spend way too much time interacting with gadgets and computers instead of other children. It is really a rare sight to observe children playing outside in the neighborhood, talking to their peers, learning some crafty skills, or simply working on their practical skills.

In the Fall of 2018, with Bishop Longin’s blessing and under the spiritual guidance of Mother Makrina the first children’s camp was organized. Children had an opportunity to reconnect with their Orthodox faith, to learn Orthodox songs, to embrace Orthodox values, and to gain some practical knowledge and skills.

Girls learned how to sew both manually and using a sewing machine. They loved the bags that they made. Girls also had an opportunity to learn how to make pastries, and in the end, they all ate the doughnuts they made. They spent a lot of time playing sports games, which brought them closer and formed new friendships. And all this happened without any electronic devices that tend to overpower their young minds.

Camps are organized every few months. They typically last for two days, starting on a Friday evening and finishing on a Sunday evening.




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