Family Camp

Orthodox families in today’s “modern” society face many challenges daily. What is the best way to raise children when Orthodox parents struggle with what to say, what to do, or what to teach their children. Orthodox families are judged and challenged by new social “norms.” For example, how should one approach Halloween or Harry Potter? Orthodox families obviously need guidance.

With Bishop Longin’s blessing and the Monastery’s hospitality and support, the first Family camp was organized in November 2018 as a response to all the above dilemmas. It was a three-day camp where parents and children had an opportunity to learn something new, to interact with other Orthodox families, and to share experiences, worries, and solutions.

Topics and presenters were very engaging and interesting. Presentations included discussions about the addiction to electrical gadgets, the harmful effects of marijuana, the mechanisms to cope with challenging times, etc. Amazing speakers included Bishop of Buenos-Aires and South and Central America Kirilo, Fr. Miloš Vesin, anesthesiologist Dr. Nebojša Knežević, and psychotherapist Nataša Perić.

The world is built on a strong family and the mission to build a more family-friendly society is an everlasting struggle. The Family camp is a brave contribution to such a mission.


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