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Own a Project



The Monastery is in need of some small repairs, and not so small building projects, which sisters cannot accomplish themselves. You can immensely help the Monastery by undertaking one of the below-listed projects with a small group of your friends. It would be even more helpful if, in addition to labor, you could bring the materials, parts, or appliances and complete the work in its entirety.

Here is a current list of projects, which is constantly being updated.

  1. Fix leaking roof on the church building
  2. Fix the bell tower leaking issue and install screens
  3. Replace (or fix) the wooden doors under the bell tower
  4. Redesign the water supply system for konak, including water filtration
  5. Replace hardwood floors in konak
  6. Paint walls in konak
  7. Replace windows in konak
  8. Provide new appliances for the kitchen in the guest house
  9. Replace furnace for the guest house
  10. Replace the air conditioning unit in the guest house
  11. Build a greenhouse
  12. Build a prefabricated house which would be a new candle production space
  13. Purchase a commercial-grade embroidery machine
  14. Bring new soil and manure for the vegetable garden (time critical – before Memorial Day)
  15. Build a cellar for long-term storage of potatoes and onions
  16. Build a smokehouse for fish
  17. Build a bakery for bread and prosphora
  18. Build a workshop for embroidery and sewing
  19. Replace air conditioning units on the pavilion
  20. Build a water supply system for the pavilion
  21. Build new kitchen in the pavilion
  22. Build new bathrooms in the pavilion
  23. Work with an agronomist to decide how to use 11 acres of land/garden
  24. Sow and plant the garden(s)

Please contact us using the form below to let us know which project you would like to undertake and by when you could complete it.